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A Spec Ad Made in conjunction with IO Studios

Client Name

Air Jordan Spec AD

Completion Date

March 2, 2022



Client Needs & Challenges

Creating a moment of inspiring thought...

IO Studios reached out to do a collaborative effort to make a spec-ad for an Air Jordan campaign. We worked for several months to tailor the commercial-grade photography, video, and graphic design to align with what we felt worked well with the Air Jordan brand. The vision for the campaign was to inspire children by using a young actor and basketball player as the focal point of the media inside a gritty urban city wearing Air Jordan merchandise. Burning Wick co-directed, shot, gaffed, and provided graphics and photoshop mock-ups. Co-directing, vision, and audio was provided by IO Studios.

Color Development

Space Grey
Desert Sand

Development Notes

In creating a distinct color palate for the campaign we wanted to mimic the colors of the few gritty New York basketball courts we had visited in the area. We wanted to create a scheme that defined hard work and a tenacious spirit. Additional textures and colors were pulled from several screenshots throughout the filming process.


We wanted some super clean photos to contrast the gritty commercial spec-ad. The photos were shot in a well lit cyclorama showing off the Air Jordan merchandise. Shooting in an all white background also allowed us to double purpose the photos with some photoshop composites.

Social Media

Social Media Management Strategy

With a powerful message about resiliency and optimism, we inspire children through a series of large-scale billboards and digital signage.
By telling a story about adversity that has not deterred her goals or passion, we show children they are not alone on their journey.
Instill Hope
Presenting this resilient boy’s story inspires children to believe they can do anything they set their minds on.

Client Solutions

A tenacious and inspiring visual campaign

Although our final pitch did not land an advertising contract for the Air Jordan campaign, we were extremely proud of our end results. Our final pitch has received incredible feedback and we will look to continue to grow into the future!

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