Who We Are

Burning Wick Studios is a collaborative creative services company. Founded in 2018 by audio and video professional, Michael Monto. 

Our audio and visual creative services go above and beyond to deliver effective and engaging experiences for your customers. From photography to website design, Burning Wick Studios can help build a unique personality for you, your product or your company. We offer services such as logo and website design, photography, videography, illustration, advertising, product branding, marketing and more. Check out some of our collaborative artists below to learn more.


Michael Monto Managing Director & CEO
Owner and founder of Burning Wick Studios. Michael Monto specializes in photography, videography, and audiovisual engineering.
Jeremy Zaleski Jeremy Zaleski Design
Jeremy Zaleski is a Temple University graduate that currently specializes in illustration, content production, digital marketing, and web design.
Dune Ostrander 808 String Productions
Producer and Audio Engineer Dune Ostrander is a current collaborator of Burning Wick Studios. He currently runs his own studio, 808 String productions.
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