Love The Land

Designing For The Environment

Client Name

Jeremy Zaleski

Completion Date

July 11, 2022



Client Needs & Challenges

Creating A Sustainable Retail Business That Helps The Environment

Love The Land LLC is a clothing company drawing inspiration from adventure and nature that donates 50% of all earned profits back to Grade A Environmental and Wildlife Non-Profit charities. Starting from scratch, full development was necessary from branding to website to material sourcing. Burning Wick Studios captured the brand’s top designs surrounded by the nature they represent.

Color Development

Desert Sand
Forest Green
Dark Green

Development Notes

With nature and adventure in mind, we wanted to create a palette that felt woodsy. The greens were developed through a series of photos from local forests and Pennsylvania state parks. The tan gave the palette a more midwest desert since the target audience was largely in parts of the midwest and California.

Logo Development

Final Logo

Development Notes

The logo includes a stylized font with distinct serifs. The “T” features a pine tree-inspired top. Most of the logo development work had been finished by the client beforehand however the logo is very recognizable when scaled at various sizes.


Here a several photos captured from our first photo opportunities.

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