The Palisade Firehouse

The Palisade Firehouse--A luxury condominium in the heart of Jersey City

Client Name

Levi & Nader Rezai

Completion Date

March 30, 2022


Real Estate

Client Needs & Challenges

Building A Unique Personality For A Unique Location...

Before the project was started, the clients envisioned a distinct and elegant brand that would capture the heart of Jersey City. This brand would mix beautifully with the rustic and vintage look of the old firehouse face and go along with the premier amenities that would eventually be added to the building. The client’s needs would consist of full, scalable branding along with a distinguished logo that the client would choose. In addition, the client would also need a website that could be easily navigated by potential tenants and showcase residence amenities, floor plans, photos, room details, and more.

Color Development

Tan Brick
Vintage Firehouse Red
Light Charcoal

Development Notes

When developing the branding for the Palisade Firehouse we wanted to encompass the vintage feel of the building while also having a premium feel. Our color palette resonated with the original colors of the brick with tans, reds, and charcoals pulled straight from photos of the building. We made sure that no colors were oversaturated and would clash with the luxury feel of some of the other elements of the branding.

Logo Development

Final Logo

Development Notes

Falling in line with the strategy for the brand we wanted to make sure the logo reflected some of the vintage firehouse vibes. The building team after seeing the vectorized building logo wanted to incorporate that into the final logo. The use of stylized font along with the building logo helped capture everything the client wanted, while also working within the limits set by our branding strategy.


Here are some of the beautiful photos taken of one of the suites in the building.

Web Design

The clients had a few reference sites in mind when developing the website but most had the common theme of being able to showcase each individual residence as a listing. We took our time developing a simple solution within WordPress where the client could manage the residences with custom fields for each specific residence. This custom section in the site allowed details such as square feet, bedrooms and bathrooms, and floor plans. In addition, with each booked lease, residences could simply be removed from the show case of the site so customers would only see update to date available residences.

Key Website Features

Key Features Include:

  • A custom amenities page with slide gallery of standard premium amenities in every residence
  • Custom residence posting capabilities (Room floor plan, square feet, leasing info, bedroom and bathroom quantity)
  • Contact appointment integrations
  • Showcase video on homepage


Client Solutions

A Heart Of Flame

The final result for The Palisade Firehouse was superb. The logo, which captured the face of the building in terrific, vector format, came along with a very distinct serif font that captured the vintage feel of the firehouse. The full-color palette had developed through beiges and browns pulled right from photos of the building. Several reds that were taken, however, were given an additional “bumped” up in value to create a more vibrant red that would capture the newfound liveliness of the building.

In addition, the website helped beautifully feature the building’s amenities and residencies created through custom, back-end taxonomies, and posts. The simplicity of the website’s custom fields made it easy for the clients to add or remove residency listings based on availability.

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